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Who We Are

Veni Ltd. is a family company registered for engineering, construction, and services in southern Croatia. The team involved in the company’s activities has more than 15 years of experience in the construction business, in different regions of the Republic of Croatia. The company’s team participated in construction projects during various stages of realization, from the stages of analysis of spatial plans, analysis of infrastructural possibilities, and coordination of the team of designers to the stages of execution and delivery of works to the client, with an emphasis on the roles of authorized contractors, as well as authorized supervisory engineers.

We made the decision to found our own company with the idea of ​​developing our own real estate or development projects, then offering professional support to clients and partners who want to realize their infrastructure or any other construction project with as few problems, delays in administration, organizational difficulties as possible, within the stipulated time frame and within budget.
We have decided to provide clients with additional value through services that will unite several different phases during the realization of their projects.

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Veni Ltd. in the coming period, will continue to strengthen its position in the market through the growth and development of the company and the effective management of human resources in order to ensure the quality provision of engineering consulting services.

The mission of Veni Ltd. is to become a recognizable partner in the provision of engineering services in the construction industry, to continue with the development of engineering staff, and to strengthen its presence on infrastructure projects, public and social buildings, and real estate projects in order to provide security and trust to clients through socially responsible business.





1. Safety at work

2. Focus on the client and the project

3. Making decisions based on proven experience

4. Responsibility for tasks

5. Compliance with the law and deadlines




Our Team

Ivica Granić

dipl. ing. građ.
Voditelj projekata
Nadzorni inženjer

Irena Banović Granić

Voditeljica marketinga
Dizajner interijera

Ante Karačić,đ.

Nadzorni inženjer

Đure Bošković,đ.


Diana Miliša Karačić,đ.

Voditeljica projekata
Koordinator zaštite na radu

Dominko Lukić, ing.građ.,


Matej Batinović

Design expert

Ivana Granić

stručnjak za financije