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Our team can ensure the provision of various engineering services that will guarantee that the planned implementation of the projects will be successful, in accordance with the given specifications and legal frameworks, within the given time and financial frameworks.

With the experience gained on capital projects financed from EU funds, we can provide the entire service of consulting, leading, and managing the project, supervision, and also services of design and organization of the construction process.


Our team has experience in the development of its own real estate development projects, from the planning stages, land acquisition, analysis of spatial plans, and ownership, to the design of buildings in high-rise and civil engineering.

The team works diligently on the activities of expanding the company’s activities into the sectors of real estate business, real estate brokerage, and interior design.

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Do you only work on projects that are on the territory of the Republic of Croatia?

Yes, as of right now all our projects are related to the market of the Republic of Croatia.

How many years of engineering experience does the VENI team have?

The VENI team has over 15 years of experience on various projects in the market of the Republic of Croatia.

Are there any type of construction projects you are not working on?

We can offer different services, on different projects. Contact us.

What services did you contribute the most to the PELJESKI MOST project?

On the PELJESKI BRIDGE project, the biggest contribution was through the management of different phases of the works (within the CRBC team), as well as the implementation of EU standards in the field of steel constructions.

Do you do consulting for EU-funded projects?

We can offer the service of preparation and implementation of EU-funded projects. Contact us.

What is the easiest way to contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is via Facebook, LinkedIn social networks. Look under!