The new port of Korčula, the port of Polačište – Consulting


In August, 2022, a contract was signed with the company Aqua Mont Service d.o.o., Belgrade regarding the provision of business-technical cooperation (consulting) services for the construction of the new port of Korčula, the port of Polačište.

Project description:

The project envisages the construction of a port open to public traffic in Polačište. The modernization of the transport infrastructure on the island of Korčula will improve the connection of the island of Korčula with the surrounding islands and the mainland, but also create better conditions for increasing the quality of life of the islanders.

The implementation of the project will increase the capacity of maritime traffic, and the new port of Polačište will allow vessels to dock in its area in all weather conditions. It is planned to relocate the lines that currently operate in the ports of Dominče and Korčula to the port of Polačište.



Location: Žrnovska Banja, Korčula

Period of project realization: 2022 – ongoing

Client: Aqua Mont Service d.o.o. /ŽLU Korčula

Project services: Consulting

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